7 Chakras Healing - Bracelet Crystal Diffuser & Kits


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7 Chakras Healing - Crystal Diffuser Bracelets & Kits

Basalt or “Lava Rock” is a porous natural volcanic stone. It retains oil within its air-bubbles so is perfect for aromatherapy diffusing.

Just add a few drops of Soothing Scents essential oils directly onto the Basalt Beads. It will provide therapeutic benefits and fragrance all day.

Chakras are the 7 centres or wheels of our bodies from which energy flows. By being aware of one Chakra each day we will our energy wheels to keep turning.  The Chakras correspond to the days of the week, as do the crystals and oils.  Marker beads separate the seven days so you can do a daily guided meditation for each chakra and add this to your daily routine.

Sizes: Medium 19cm/7inches (approx)  Large 21cm/8inches (approx)

Beads: 6/8/10mm x 21 - 25  (see images for ref) Unisex

Materials: Hand selected crystals threaded onto high quality elastic banding - handmade in Australia

Chakra Guide:

Day 1 - Mon Root Chakra: Ground & Be Connected- Crystal Hematite or Garnet - Scent Vetiver &/or Camomile + NEW MOON meditation.                                             Day 2 - Tues Sacral Chakra: Feel & Be Creative - Crystal Carnelian - Scent Ylang Ylang &/or Patchouli
Day 3 - Wed Solar Plexus Chakra: Empower & Be Abundant - Crystal Citrine - Scent Lemon Myrtle &/or Lemongrass
Day 4 - Thurs Heart Chakra: Love & Be Compassionate -  Crystal Jade or Rose Quartz- Scent Rose
Day 5 - Fri Throat Chakra: Express & Be Clear - Crystal - Lapis or Turquoise - Scent Peppermint
Day 6 - Sat Third Eye Chakra: Meditate & Be Aware  -  Crystal Amethyst - Scent Lavender                                                                                                                           Day 7 - Sun Crown Chakra: Enlighten & Be Wise -  Crystal Quartz - Scent Frankincense  + FULL MOON  meditation

A Wellness Toolbox Essential - when purchased together with a 7 scents rainbow pouch, you receive the Chakra Flow Program Pocket Guide.