Why Wellness?

Wellness is the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.

This journey is a personal one.  I was unwell for a very long time.  I had to stop following my dreams for the future.  I could no longer be a happy snapping photographer.  I would cry at the weddings and mist up all my equipment!  

I became well not only because I willed it but because I pulled myself out of the past and started living in the now.  I started a bookclub support group as I wanted to help people like me, yet not announce to the world that I needed support. Sometimes we just need to make a few changes and create new and better goals.

Routine is huge - when we do something enough times it becomes a ritual.  Our emotions, tides and cycles are effected by exposure to light.  I have been using light therapy for the last 12 months.  I have tied it in with my morning and evening meditation.

Here's my ritual for Tuesday:

  • 6.30 - alarm = chakra frequency Sacral turn on UV light
  • 6.40 - prepare Ginseng Tea / smoothie / OJ / washing on
  • 7:00 - back to bed, read, research the day
  • 7:20 - use rebounder to 5min song - dance!
  • 7:30 - pull on tights and head for a run - with great tunes
  • 8:00 - shower, singing / chant time
  • 8.15 - dress, clothing (orange), use YlangYlang, jewellery Carnelian
  • 8:30 - mantra 1min repeat - eg "I let go of past pain, now I am light"
  • 8:45 - head out the door
  • 9:00 - arrive at 1st meeting 
  • throughout the day I am mindful of all that is orange, I work creatively and I am aware of my pelvic floor
  • 5:00 - change into yoga gear, take mat to lovely grassy spot and watch my fav YouTube channel.  
Todays fav yoga poses open up the hips,
  1. Goddess,
  2. Cow Face,
  3. One-Legged King Pigeon, 
  4. Revolved Triangle,
  5. Full Boat,
  6. Half Frog
  7. Chair 
  • 6:00 - Meditate for at least 10 mins.  Light a flame meditation candle as the sun goes down and release all the rubbish from the day visually into the flame (or burn some pages from a burn it book - only if your outside)

This is a guide only - life happens.  There is always a bit of time after work to be good to yourself!

PS Tues night = movie night